When Josh Whitfield passed away in May of 2015, those who loved him (and there are many of us) spent countless hours reflecting on his life. We laughed, we cried, and through our collective stories a sense of his true legacy emerged. Simply put, Josh’s legacy is love.

In his 33 years, he did so much for the people who loved him. Now it is our turn to spread the love, inclusiveness, and generosity of spirit that Josh demonstrated every day.

It is our hope to reduce the financial barriers to participation in Comstock athletics. Funds raised will be used to assist Comstock athletes in need by providing activity fees and other supportive services. To best reach those in need, the JWMAF has partnered with the Comstock Community Center.

Since the launch of the JWMAF, we have helped over 600 elementary, middle, and high school students with activity fees and physical exam costs. We have also provided transportation assistance to teams that have to travel over 40 miles one-way for a game. Prior to the Fund, Comstock schools were only able to transport students one-way, creating a “return trip” hardship for families unable to attend games. JWMAF has now subsidized the transportation budget to allow for round-trip transportation for all sports.

We know Josh – a Class of 2000 CHS alumni and 4-year, multi-sport athlete – would be proud to affix his name to this worthwhile cause. We are excited to launch this campaign on behalf of our dear friend. Should you have any questions about the Josh Whitfield Memorial Athletic Fund, please feel free to contact us at JWAthleticFund@gmail.com.